Be very careful when you are around propellers. This happened when the engine was just at a high idle. This man tried to give the boat a kick so it would not run into the shore. He missed and the boat ran over the top of his foot. He had on heavy rubber wading boots but as you can see the propeller went right through the boot. It took over 200 stitches to put his foot back together and it is going to take follow up surgery to reconnect severed tendons. Do not run your boat if anybody is in the water and do not run it near any other full sized boats. Remember these things are not toys and need to be taken seriously. Use good judgment at all times. Always set up your throttle linkage so you can kill the engine with the radio and a opto kill switch, see warning information below. Never try to catch or stop a running boat. Do not let anybody be around your boat when you are starting it on the stand or putting it in the water.

WARNING: Always set your boat up so you can kill the engine with the radio. You will need a kill switch connected and activiated by a 3 rd channel to kill your engine reliably. Simply closing the carburetor will NOT kill the engine reliably, you MUST have a 3 rd channel kill switch installed. Some radios have a feature that allow you to mix the 3 rd channel with your throttle channel, this will allow you to engage the kill switch through your throttle trigger. Read your radio programming instructions and understand them. DO NOT operate your boat until you are positive you can kill the engine reliably with a kill switch of some type. You need to contact the kill switch manufacturer/supplier and get the correct kill switch that is compatible to your particular radio. For example, you can review the gas kill switch at A good kill switch will also be a fail safe if you have radio issues. Shop for quality, not a cheap price.