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 NEW, THE QUICKDRAW POWER MUFFLER, You supply the Tee piece and use it with our 6" Quickdraw Silencer for a very quiet muffler!
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Developed by our friends over in Sweden, Rickard & Janne, this new Tee muffler will quiet down your standard Quickdraw muffler and may even add power to your engine!  Forget about those European style mufflers that reduce power, here is a simple and inexpensive fix to get a quieter and better running engine.  You supply the Tee piece, we can supply you with the parts you need for an inexpensive price.

This is the Tee piece size you want to buy, the inside diameter of the big diameter is 38mm and the spout inside diameter is 25mm.

You are going to need a hose clamp to go around the outside of the big diameter of the Tee to hold the end cap in. Rickard in Sweden uses a zip tie to hold the end cap in, but we don't know if that will be good enough for these caps, you will have to decide that. When I tested the mufflers I had to oil the inside of the 25 mm spout and oil the outside of the tube in order to get it slide together. After I ran it for a few minutes, my tube was stuck really tight so I don't think you will need a hose clamp on the outlet but that is up to you.

Part Number     Bore mm      Bore "      Wall Size                   Length
STP38                   38          1 1/2"         4.0mm            102mm (Branch 25mm)

See this link for SAMCO SPORT,   This company is in the UK.

OR you can get them from Autosiloconehoses.com They are also in the UK

We have the 1" x .028" wall tubing and the 1-1/2" freeze plugs for the plug. They are $10 a set plus shipping. You need to supply the silicone Tee, they come from Europe and over here suppliers have to import them and it takes a long time to get and they are really expensive over here. You may even have the internal parts available to you over there. They are very easy to make and they work very well. Preferably you will put them on a 6" silencer for best results. You also have to keep fresh fiberglass in the silencer, don't let it get all burned away or it does not work as good. You also need to point the spout directly at the water, this is a very good answer to this long term issue.